Mr. Peters and Ms. West bring together a wealth of experience to the Board. 

“It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Chuck and Clareece to the Board of Directors.” said Rives Bird, CEO of Voxello. “The strategic acumen and depth of their combined experience will no doubt enhance our already impressive Board.” 

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Voxello’s noddle helps hospitals prevent adverse medical complications. 

nurse helps patient in the ICU using a noddle

Here are some highlights from the article…

A Coralville company, Voxello, has developed the “noddle,” a device that enables patients, doctors, nurses and other caregivers to communicate using sensors, a tablet-size computer screen and text-to-speech software.

“With just a tongue click, a patient can call a nurse and communicate what they need,” said Rives Bird, Voxello CEO. “A tongue click is a very typical response that a patient who is paralyzed or unable to speak will use to get someone’s attention.”

The noddle, which a patient can use to control up to three devices, received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance last month.

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Richard Wieland has been appointed as a new member of Voxello’s Board of Directors effective January 1, 2017. Mr. Wieland will also serve as the interim Chief Financial Officer. 

Mr. Wieland is a senior financial executive with a diversified Life Science business background with more than thirty-five years of business experience in both public and private companies. He completed over twenty capital transactions including two successful IPOs and eleven M&A transactions. Subsequent to the M&A transactions, he successfully managed the post-acquisition integration programs. 

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Voxello recently attended NTI’s Critical Care Nursing Show in New Orleans. The attendees of this show are critical care nurses who and they absolutely loved what Voxello is doing. One nurse told us, “I’ve gotten pretty good at reading lips from patients that are intubated, but this is definitely an improvement.”

Imagine the frustration that nurses go through on a regular basis with these communication barriers, not to mention the anxiety the patient must feel. Voxello aims to eliminate that.