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At Voxello, we value patient-driven, improved outcomes at lower costs. Discover how we’re collaborating with healthcare organizations delivering value-based care utilizing the noddle system. 

Clinical Value

For Patients & Caregivers

Utilizing the noddle system is significant for both patient and the healthcare organization providing care. Patients that can effectively communicate their needs are at a significant advantage and have an improved experience by being able to be an active participant in their own care. The noddle system has been shown to:

  • Reduce potentially serious adverse events from 3x to 2x through improved-patient provider communication .
  • Empower every patient to access the nurse call system
  • Allow providers to react to potential patient complications in a timelier manner

Operational Value

For Healthcare providers

The noddle system has been shown to improve patient-provider communication in the ICU and other settings. Addressing critically ill patient’s needs in a timely and efficient manner is crucial to impacting patient outcomes and helps reduce patient-provider stress and frustration by allowing for easy communication. 

Significant operational benefits of the noddle system include:

  • Nurses and caregivers spending less time reading lips, tracking down and using laminated storyboards, or deciphering gestures and illegible writing
  • Improving workflows – direct communication leads to a reduction in wasted caregiver time. 
  • Reduce caregiver turnover by removing communication barriers and frustration that create stressful environments.
critical care patient

Financial Value

For Healthcare organizations

Patients with impaired communication are 3x more likely to experience a preventable adverse medical event. Adverse events lead to overall poorer patient outcomes, unnecessary patient suffering and dissatisfaction, increased length of hospital stays, and at least $1B of additional healthcare spending annually in the U.S. 

Improving patient-provider communication has significant financial benefits:

  • Potentially reducing preventable adverse events, which could eliminate millions of dollars in costs for a single healthcare system.
  • Mitigate risk associated with CMS value-based purchasing penalties concerning hospital acquired conditions such as pressure ulcers, ventilator associated pneumonia, and adverse drug reactions.
  • Create efficiencies in care by removing workflow impediments associated with communication barriers.
confident critical care

Education & Training

For healthcare professionals

Helpful and practical resources for all medical specialties utilizing the noddle system. 

critical care nurse with patient

Better Outcomes Are Possible

Talk to one of our team member’s today about how the noddle system can transform patient care and at your organization.

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