Voxello’s Aids in the Fight Against COVID-19


When it’s hard to breathe, it can be hard to speak! In light of COVID-related respiratory illness, a greater number of people need breathing tubes or ventilator support, which takes away the ability to speak. Hospitals and healthcare workers need resources to support communication in alternative ways.

Voxello is committed to ensuring that all patients in critical care are able to effectively communicate with their caregivers and participate in their care.  Richard Hurtig, Voxello’s Chief Scientific Officer has been working with a team of clinicians across the country to put together a set of low-tech tools that can be easily deployed in ICUs treating patients with COVID.

As a public service, the Patient-Provider Communication Forum, with support from the United States Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (USSAAC), is providing a FREE bank of communication tools for you to download and print, created in response to this COVID crisis. 

Visit: patientprovidercommunication.org

Download FREE Communication Boards


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