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Introducing the noddle system

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to allow impaired or disabled patients to summon and communicate with caregivers.

Overview of the noddle System

Be confident your patients can communicate with caregivers and family.

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Plug & Play Technology

The noddle detects the small, voluntary actions via a sensor, allowing patients to control multiple devices including:

nurse call systems

speech-generating devices


Designed for Healthcare

The noddle is easily mounted and interfaces directly with existing nurse call infrastructure. Improving patient communication has a dramatic impact on outcomes for vulnerable ICU patients, enabling them to be advocates and participate in their own care.

noddle and noddle-chat tablet

the noddle-chat

Easy to Use Chat Options

The noddle-chat tablet connects to the noddle via a safe, encrypted Bluetooth® connection, allowing patients to communicate with care providers and family. 

The noddle-chat tablet is easily mounted with a custom adjustable arm and consists of a series of communication templates activated by the patient’s intentional gestures. 

Created with Patients in Mind

The noddle-chat user vocabularies include text and images specifically designed for hospital and long-term care use. The voices are gender and age specific and allow for a range of communication including basic conversation, expressions of pain, feelings and humor, environmental control, and conversations regarding diagnosis, treatment and potential outcomes. 

noddle and noddle-chat tablet
noddle-chat AT AAC software
Pre-Loaded Vocabularies
noddle-chat AT AAC software, speech generating device, nurse call
Variet of Expressions Available to Use
noddle-chat AT AAC software
Create Customized Phrases and Save Them
noddle-chat AT AAC software
Use Age and Gender Specific Voices
noddle-chat AT AAC software, speech generating device, nurse call
Body-Part Specific Pain Scale
noddle and noddle-chat tablet
Adjustable Arm for Easy Mounting

the noddle sensors

Built for Any Ability

The noddle is activated via a variety of sensors specifically designed for individual patient needs and unique physical capabilities.

Access the Nurse Call Anytime

The J-Mic and Vent-Mic (for intubated patients) can access nurse call and control the noddle-chat tablet with the click of the tongue. The J-Touch and Bed-Touch sensors allow patients to utilize minimal low-force touch to activate the noddle and noddle-chat tablet – perfect for patients with fine motor skills. 

noddle sensor j-mic microphone sensor AT AAC speech generating device nurse call

noddle sensors

J-Touch noddle sensor noddle-touch
noddle-mic vent-mic sensor
noddle-touch bed touch

Education & Training

Helpful and practical resources for all medical specialties utilizing the noddle system at their healthcare organization.

critical care patient

Value-Based Healthcare

See how the noddle system can support your organization clinically, operationally, and financially.

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