Celebrating AAC Awareness Month 2022

Voxello continues to be committed to making communication tools quickly available to hospitals across the U.S. Now, as Covid-19 related hospitalizations are hopefully declining, it is important to use the lessons learned during the pandemic to really move toward establishing “cultures of communication” in all our hospitals and ensure the best possible outcomes for the wide range of individuals who face barriers to effective communication.

Voxello is offering an AAC Awareness Month discount price of $2995 for a complete Voxello noddle kit.

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Voxello’s noddle switch makes it possible for individuals, who may only be able to produce a tiny voluntary gesture, to not only summon help but also use the noddle-chat communication tablet to effectively communicate and be active participants in their care.

Voxello’s noddle-chat tablet provides non-speaking patients with a wide range of communication options designed to support the bedside needs of adult and pediatric patients. Voxello’s bilingual noddle-chat provides a much-needed bedside communication option for patients with limited English proficiency.

Voxello’s products have been designed to work together and be easily deployed.  The noddle is an FDA-cleared medical device that is designed to work with hospitals’ nurse call systems.  Voxello’s Noddle-chat software runs on an Android tablet that can be easily mounted and positioned using the Voxello noddle-arm. More information about Voxello’s products can be found at: https://voxello.com/product-information/

Voxello’s NIH-supported clinical trials have shown that the use of the noddle and noddle-chat significantly reduces the risk of patients experiencing preventable adverse events. Being able to communicate reduces stress for both the patient and the caregiver. Feedback about Voxello’s technology from patients and healthcare providers has been very positive

Voxello’s noddle switch and noddle-chat tablet are a cost-effective way to meet the access and communication needs of hospitalized patients.

To find out about how to take advantage of this offer contact: richardhurtig@voxello.com

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