Giving a voice to patients who cannot speak

Voxello’s noddle helps hospitals prevent adverse medical complications. 

nurse helps patient in the ICU using a noddle

Here are some highlights from the article…

A Coralville company, Voxello, has developed the “noddle,” a device that enables patients, doctors, nurses and other caregivers to communicate using sensors, a tablet-size computer screen and text-to-speech software.

“With just a tongue click, a patient can call a nurse and communicate what they need,” said Rives Bird, Voxello CEO. “A tongue click is a very typical response that a patient who is paralyzed or unable to speak will use to get someone’s attention.”

The noddle, which a patient can use to control up to three devices, received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance last month.

Read the full article from the Gazette here…

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