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Voxello COVID-19 Response

At Voxello, we’re working to ensure all patients are able to effectively communicate with caregivers and participate in their care. 

No patient hospitalized with COVID-19 should be cut off from communicating. That’s why we’re offering free, simple communication tools to assist your healthcare system. 

Voxello is proud of our relationship with PRC-Saltillo. noddle-chat software is built on Saltillo Chat software ( 

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About noddle-chat

The noddle-chat ™ is a communication tool to support bedside patient-provided communication for patients who are unable to speak. It is designed to allow patients to effectively communicate with their caregivers. The noddle-chat ™ vocabulary files are included on all Voxello devices and are temporarily being provided as a free download for Saltillo NovaChat ™ AAC devices, ChatFusion™ AAC devices, or the TouchChat™ iPad/ iPhone apps.

English noddle-chat

Patients who face communication barriers are at a heightened risk of experiencing preventable adverse events (e.g. pressure ulcers, ventilator-associated pneumonia, adverse drug reactions, and falls). Patients can use noddle-chat by accessing the tablet touch screen or by using switch scanning or other access methods that the device may support.


The noddle-chat™ vocabulary files are designed to support a range of communication needs from providing simple responses to caregiver queries, to a series of utterance to express a few basic needs, to a full multi-page set that provides ways for patients to communicate a wide range of needs and to actively participate in medical decision making.

Patient buttons are labeled and can contain a descriptive icon. When a patient selects a button, noddle-chat produces the message associated with that button. The full vocabulary file also provides the patient with an onscreen keyboard to construct novel messages.

Bilingual noddle-chat

The bilingual noddle-chat™ is a tool to support bedside patient-provider communication for patients who have limited English proficiency (LEP).

It is designed to allow patients and their nurses to effectively communicate about basic needs and care. It is not meant to replace the need for interpreter services (live, via phone or internet). 

Voxello has developed versions of Bilingual noddle-chat for eight languages (Arabic, Chinese, Filipino-Tagalog, French, Hindi, Russian, Spanish & Vietnamese) and will continue to release additional languages. The Spanish bilingual file is temporarily being provided for free download for Saltillo AAC devices and TouchChat apps. 

Bilingual noddle-chat™ supports bidirectional communication between the patient with LEP and the caregiver. Bilingual noddle-chat™ provides a set of bedside interaction topics (Vital Signs, Positioning, Cares, Feelings, Food, Care Management, Contacting Family, and Entertainment).

For each topic, messages can be produced by selecting the appropriate touch screen button. Patient buttons are labeled in the patient’s language and when selected, noddle-chat speaks the associated message in English.

Nurse buttons are labeled in English and when selected, noddle-chat speaks the associated message in the patient’s language. On each topic page, the patient has the option to request an interpreter.

For Every Patient


Access downloadable noddle-chat files to import into your Saltillo AAC device or TouchCat app. You can also download printable noddle-chat communication boards here!

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