The noddle-chat™ tablet connects to the noddle via a safe, encrypted Bluetooth® connection, allowing patients to communicate with care providers and family. 

The noddle-chat tablet is easily mounted with a custom adjustable arm and consists of a series of communication templates activated by the patient’s intentional gestures. 

The noddle-chat user vocabularies include text and images specifically designed for hospital and long-term care use. The voices are gender and age specific and allow for a range of communication including basic conversation, expressions of pain, feelings and humor, environmental control, and conversations regarding diagnosis, treatment and potential outcomes. 


Noddle-chat includes pre-loaded vocabularies tailored for different patient capabilities and needs. 

Chat Options

Gender and age-specific chat options are available, so every patient can identify with their voice. 


Create customized phrases for each patient depending on their unique needs and personality. Patients can also utilize a keyboard.

Easily Mounted

The noddle-chat tablet is mounted with the adjustable, easy-to-use noddle arm. 

Pain Scale

Patients are able to express areas and levels of pain – allowing potential adverse events to be caught earlier. 

Discover the suite of noddle-integrated solutions designed to facilitate easy communication between patient and healthcare provider- so you can achieve better outcomes. 

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