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Approximately one-third of all cognitively intact ICU patients are unable to communicate with their caregiver. These patients are three times more likely to experience a preventable adverse event because they cannot communicate their needs, costing our healthcare system billions each year. 


The noddle® solves communication barriers for cognitively intact ICU patients, providing better patient outcomes and lowering healthcare costs. 


Designed to be Plug & Play, the noddle detects the small, voluntary actions via a sensor, allowing patients to control multiple devices including:

  • nurse call systems
  • speech-generating devices

The noddle is easily mounted and interfaces directly with existing nurse call infrastructure. Improving patient communication has a dramatic impact on outcomes for vulnerable ICU patients, enabling them to be advocates and participate in their own care.


For effective care, every patient needs to communicate. 

In the U.S. alone, it’s estimated that at any given time, 33% of cognitively intact patients in the ICU and 9% of patients on other units are unable to operate a standard nurse call device to summon and communicate with a caregiver.


“The noddle helps us provide a higher standard of care. It decreases frustration for the patient, the nursing staff, and their families.Our patients also feel more confident that they are participants in their own care.” 

– Matthew Howard, MD, Chair & DEO of Neurosurgery, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics

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