Easily control the noddle and noddle-chat tablet

A noddle sensor takes advantage of any intentional gesture a patient can make, enabling patient’s to access the nurse call system through the noddle, or control a speech generating device. 

Sensors can be mounted in a variety of ways to best fit the needs to each individual patient. 

Diverse sensors help unique patient needs

Whether a patient is intubated or simply lacks the ability to activate a nurse call button, a sensor exists to meet the patient’s current physical capacity. 


“The first time I responded to a cognitively intact but trached and ventilated patient’s call light and found a noddle in the room, I was relieved to find that communication could be so easy.”

– Carolyn P., 30+ years as ICU bedside nurse 

Discover the suite of noddle-integrated solutions designed to facilitate easy communication between patient and healthcare provider- so you can achieve better outcomes. 


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