Financial Value


Improving patient-provider communication in the ICU has significant financial benefits:


  • Potentially reducing preventable adverse events which could eliminate millions of dollars in costs from your health system.
  • Assist in potentially mitigating risk associated with CMS value-based purchasing penalties concerning hospital acquired conditions including pressure ulcers, ventilator associated pneumonia, and adverse drug reactions
  • Create efficiencies in care by removing workflow impediments associated with communication barriers, potentially saving caregivers time. 

Patients with impaired communication are 3x more likely to have a preventable adverse event.* 

Adverse events lead to overall poorer patient outcomes, unnecessary patient suffering and dissatisfaction, increased length of hospital stays, and at least $1B of extra healthcare spending annually.**


“We’re increasing awareness of the need for AAC and increasing overall referrals to speech to provide better patient care for individuals with complex communications needs.” 

-Sarah Marshall, MA, CCC-SLP, University of Wisconsin-Madison Communication Aids & Systems Clinic


Clinical Value

Operational Value

Better outcomes are possible.

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*Bartlett et al., 2008

**David et al., 2013